Tiny travels – travel for everyone

I think more people should travel.  This is basically the essence of this blog – who travels, why, and why don’t others?  Often, I think money, time, and fear block paths for many of us.  We are stuck in our own little realms – workcommutehomebed, schoolhomehomeworkbed, houseworkerrandsbed, etc.  Travel becomes this big Thing, something we have to plan for and save for, something out of the ordinary and rare.   “Not this year,” we think.  “Maybe next year.”   

If we do decide to plan a big Trip, it can become an ordeal.  Vacation dates must be haggled with employers, 10 different airfare sites must be consulted and re-consulted, complex Excel spreadsheets must be created to hold all the data (er, maybe that’s just me).   You finally arrive at your destination, attempting to relax within a short period of time, while knowing that your life taps its foot at the other end, waiting.  Or, you attempt to cram in as much culture and entertainment as possible, trying to get your money’s worth and feel like you’ve accomplished something (A+ for acing the vacation!)

It’s been 14 years since I’ve left North America.  I’m no travel expert.  I have no exotic stories about jail time served in foreign countries.  I’ve never had a spiritual moment in a yurt or climbed a mountain despite all odds.   I’m just a normal person in the world, maybe like you.

Maybe I will never get back to Europe (though I hope that’s not the case!)  I don’t think such a big Trip has to be the only travel available to me.  Or to anyone.

Now, tiny travel.  That is something we might all be able to do.  It is something that I think can enliven our lives, refresh our outlooks, and bring us out of daily ruts.   What is tiny travel? 

Tiny travel is choosing to visit a place close to you.   It’s that simple.   Perhaps it’s a park 15 minutes away that you’ve never visited.   Maybe it’s a drive to another city.  Most people never fully explore the cities, towns, and countrysides in which they live.  There is beauty, history, mystery, fun, and insight all around, all waiting for you.  The cost and time commitment can be very low. 

I hope tiny travels can enter the lives of those who are not used to travelling for whatever reason.

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