“His name is Blaine?! That’s a major appliance, not a”

… travel writer?

Inexplicably, my favorite movie of all time and my love of travel writing have crossed paths.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink movie poster, 1986

Andrew McCarthy, who played confused preppy Blaine in Pretty in Pink, was just named the 2010 Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year.   One might think, due to his still-active acting career, that perhaps this was due to something like a single fantastic essay.  But as it turns out, he has a number of respectable clips from establishment magazines such as Atlantic, Travel + Leisure and National Geographic.

Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy today

His National Geographic piece is especially touching.  Some years ago, he attended a month-long National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) course in Wyoming, during which time one of his young classmates (just 16) was killed in a river crossing.  He writes about being witness to that, and also about his solo return to the same place 12 years later.

Links to his writing can be found on his website.

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