Dark ‘n stormy

Growing up in the Midwest, I developed a love for all things stormy.   Thunderclaps so strong the house would shake; lightning that would make us start counting  “one Mississippi, two Mississippi” to see how far away the storm was.  (Each “Mississippi” between lighting and thunder translates to a mile, or so I remember being told).  On rare occasions, the tv would advise us to take shelter.

Now I live in the Pacific Northwest, and thunderstorms are rare.  However…

Last January, I took a winter trip to the Washington coast, spending a night at Kalaloch Lodge.  While booking that trip, I noticed they welcome “storm watchers,” and was intrigued by that.  I thought I was being ingenious for visiting the beach in January, when surely not many others would schedule a beach vacation.

But apparently enough folks are drawn by prospect of ocean storms that the Olympic National Park offers a Storm Watchers Package, complete with rain ponchos for two.

Jamie at Dungeness Spit 2009

Tuck 'n click, with a "backpack hitting the head" twist. Dungeness Spit in 2009 by Nancy Churillo.

I’ve mulled it over a bit in the last few weeks.  Should I go again?  Should I go alone?  One of my goals would be to photograph a storm if possible.  Perhaps a friend would be bored by tagging along and witnessing me burn through a billion rolls of film.  Although there would free demonstrations of photography gymnastics.  🙂

I looked up the rates this morning for late January, and it’s considerably cheaper than what I spent last year (then justified in my mind as a splurge and a much-needed mental vacation).  For 1 or 2 people in an ocean view cabin, it would be $299 for two weekday nights (weekends are more expensive). 

I’ve decided to go.  And I’m going to try going alone again.  I am quite shy, so solo travel is a challenge… more on that topic later. 

I’m excited.  Something to look forward to!  Look for my post and pics in February.

The cabins have their own kitchenettes, so I will be packing in all my own food (though I see breakfast is included in the Storm Watchers Package).  Considering the airfare and hotel costs of a traditional beach getaway vacation, I think my dark ‘n stormy mini-vacation will be much less expensive, and much more unique.

There is also the side bonus of a storm rendering the road tree-strewn and inaccessible, making it difficult to return to my day job in a timely way.  How can I go wrong? Sign me up for all of that.

Kalaloch Beach 1.2010

Kalaloch Beach. One of my favorite pics from last year. Copyright 2010 J. Eby

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