Adventures in trying to travel write…

My tiny travels for the month of December involved the 2 feet from my chair to the keyboard, for the most part.  With a small side loop trail to the fridge.  I’m knee-deep in a travel writing class hosted by  It’s the first writing class I’ve taken in, oh, 12 years.  I knew I would be a bit rusty, but I’ve been surprised at just how rusty.  The “you suck” demons of self-doubt have made a point of visiting… often… but luckily, I know about them, and try to tell them to shut up.  It’s still torturous at times.  But I’m enjoying it.

I’m writing about windstorm watching on the Pacific Northwest coast.  It’s kind of a cousin to the tornado chasing that goes on in Midwest, but definitely is much different (no 50 ft. waves and freaked-out seagulls in Nebraska).   Also, it’s way more predictable, as Cliff Mass explained to me in an interview.  Tornados are wily, but a storm coming in off the Pacific will be sitting out there for a few days, waiting for you to notice it and drive to the coast for your weather lashing.

Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach. © 2010 J. Eby

I visited Kalaloch Lodge on the WA coast last January, but missed a storm.  This caused much of my writing heartburn, but I’m sort of writing around that missing piece until I can catch a storm. 

Wish me luck… I have about 2 months left this season.  I totally missed a Pineapple Express recently (shows what I know about weather – I thought it was just a big sad blob of rain, but the Kalaloch employees I interviewed let me know I missed a storm – d’oh!)

Rabidly checking these links:

National Weather Service (North Coast, WA)

NOAA Wavewatch

People (short attention span)

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